The hard part is over!!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I have accomplished a lot since my previous post. I so far got:

  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Coordinator/Florist
  • Photographer
  • colors
  • Bought a bridesmaid’s dress for my sister
  • created a hashtag

My wedding coordinator is pretty impressed with how much I’ve done considering I only have 10 months left. But you know what, even though it was a lot of work the first 2-3 months, I can pretty much relax  and enjoy engagement time.  I’m pretty excited doing the DIY because I love crafting.

Things that are in progress (currently doing):

  • decor ideas – bought mason jars for really cheap and figuring out how to style them. But still experimenting with different textures and layouts. A good amount is DIY.
  • pass out bridesmaid invites
  • Save the date layout. Found a place that can print the save the dates
  • Finalize guest list
  • engagement photo shoot in February
  • trying to maximize the ceremony decoration with as little money as possible — seriously the ceremony is not even an hour.
  • DIY photo booth (really debating on even having a photo booth)
  • Creating drinks menu — this is pretty fun. FYI, they’re non-alcoholic.

Still need to do:

  • tea ceremony dress
  • favors for wedding
  • schedule a bridal shower
  • create a honeymoon registry
  • makeup artist for engagement shoot — ugh… was debating this too. I am willing to learn how to do make-up and I’d like to see what a pro does.
  • search for a DJ or liveband
  • get a weekend gig…
  • search for an officiant
  • cake tasting
  • do a dessert table layout
  • create invitations
  • hotel block
  • create thank you gifts

Gorgeous wedding dresses (not strapless!)

I made up my mind on what dress to pick. Funny how I gravitated towards dress with cap sleeves, keyholes, and illusion straps. There are some strapless gowns I like but not enough to excite me.

Me and K found our venue and now paying for the deposit. I’m going to wait until we hear a final confirmation though that the deposit has been cleared. I won’t share the venue until it’s been finalized.

Anyways in the meantime… I’ll keep this blog busy by posting the prettiest wedding dresses I’ve seen so far. Be relieved that there is not a single strapless dress on here. I do wear strapless dresses when I go out and I just thought maybe I should change it up when I can. Plus I’ve tried on plenty of gowns and I just wasn’t

Claire Pettibone – I am a crazy fan of Claire Pettibone’s work but unfortunately I can’t afford it :-(. Warning: if you see these pictures, you will fall out of love with strapless wedding dresses. I think that’s how it started. Here are my favorite dresses from this designer.




source: I love assymetrical hemlines!

All things keyhole:

source: I love the keyhole plus I love the way the lace train sweeps out like that :-). I would like to get a lace train like that :-). Dress: Monique Lhuillier – Scarlet

Give your back attention 😉

Maggie Sottero in Emilena.

Love the layers in this Catherine Deane gown (BHDLN)


Low budget wedding decorations

I did not realize that finding a venue would be so hard. I don’t really want to reveal my venue choices until we book a venue. Some of them are pretty much best kept secrets. When I find my venue, I would like to review all the venues I visted.

I decided I would like to do my own wedding decorations and other things. There were some cheap venues that were plain, but I didn’t realized some of the decorations and rentals to make it look nice would add up. Not mention another transport to worry about. I thought maybe I should find a nicer venue which doesn’t require transportation and all that flash and really in the end, we’d save some money.

Here are the following budget decors I’m currently in love with.

Chinese lanterns:

I think these would help us save a whole lot of money and hold off spending too much on flowers. I found some wholesale ones for as low as dollar each.

DIY Tissue and yarn pomander:

I fell in love with these on Pinterest and love how you can do these at home. This is definitely a project my little sister would love to do because it requires balloons and tissue paper. I think these would be a great pair mixing these textures together.

Baby’s Breath Pomander:

Lovely! Not sure where this fits. I just love the idea.

DIY flower arrangements:

I’m actually on a mission collecting glass containers/jars from Bath and Body Works candles (medium to large) and other clear or green glass candles. I’m trying to repurpose candle jars for flowers and candles. I currently have 1 candle jar which is upcycled from a green bottle and an icy white candle jar (from Ross). I can plain any clear glass if I need to. If I’m going to decorate the place with pomanders, I probably don’t need ridiculously large flower arrangements. Plus I would like to have guests take these flower arrangements home.


Christmas lights:

I think Christmas lights and pomanders would be a great combo. As I said, it really depends on our who our venue is.

Love the tulle too!

Piping and drapes:

I feel piping and drapes really helps transform a plain room. Apparently it’s DIY but…not sure about the cost of materials and well when will I use these drapes again? There was one public building that fits some of our needs but I felt the walls were kind of plain. But if this public building is our venue, I might consider piping and draping.

Did anyone DIY your wedding in some way?

Color combo: Aqua and Green (with a hint of red)

To follow Feng Shui, I need to add a hint of red for the wedding (also my parent’s and my relatives are asking for it). I’ll add “hints of red” in my next post.


Here is some inspiration.


source: – Love the ceiling decoration

Very dreamy looking. They’re me and K’s favorite colors too and they go well together. Fortunately, blue and green are auspicious colors.

 I’m thinking of adding a hint of pink to the flowers though since I realized there are not very many naturally blue flowers. But I’ll worry about that another time. I feel green and blue seem to be more balanced. Some weddings I’ve seen a lot of pink and then I see the other extreme, too much dark theme colors.

Anyways, what do you think? What were your colors for the wedding?

Splurge: Take care of your skin

So after I got engaged, I decided to book an appointment at this Day Spa down the street from my office. It’s walking distance and it’s open until 10 pm which is awesome for those days when I don’t leave the office until 7 pm. I love how they also offer membership program where you pay a monthly fee and you’re entitled to one 60-minute session per month so it definitely makes you go on a regular basis. The monthly fee is actually 20-30 dollars less than retail value if you were to buy a 60 minute facial session irregularly.

Before I have gone and seen a couple esthetician in the past and it would be on a regular basis but then I’d stop seeing them because I would constantly change days and then it’s just too inconvenient and I’d stop seeing them. Then my skin starts to react again.

I actually do buy products recommended from my esthetician because they work but unfortunately, their products are not available at CVS and I would really have to search on the internet. But most of the time, if I run out of their products and I haven’t seen them after a while, my skin would react and I would find another esthetician.

Stress DOES show on my skin. My new job is starting ramp up with me being in charge of projects and also I am trying to plan a wedding in a year and I refuse to lean back.

I know people tell me seeing an esthetician is expensive and it would be harder to save for my wedding. But the way I see is that I never stepped in a nail salon, but some people go every week. Last time I got my eyebrows done was a year ago and now happily DIY myself, but some people go every week. Don’t need a spray tan, but they need spray tans regularly too. Those things are temporary anyways — you lose your tan, your eyebrows grow, and your nails grow out. I’d still see an esthetician after the wedding anyways. Becoming a bride/wife to someone does not magically make your skin look nice and blemish free.

 I guess some people just don’t understand the importance of taking care of your skin.

Let’s set the rules first!

reblogged from RAMT.

So people ask  “When is your wedding date and where?”

Well we haven’t planned that far yet. It’s only been 2 days. I was considering to create a wedding blog to help me plan and write out my thoughts. I want to avoid putting too much wedding on my blog. There have been blogs I’ve been following and when they got engaged it was wedding, wedding, wedding, and it did turn me off. I still want my blog to be about good food, place, spaces, and thought.

Things I don’t want on wedding planning:

– Planning it  every waking moment of my life — I learned this leads topost-nuptial depression. I met plenty of girls who tell me they don’t look forward to what happens after the wedding is over. They don’t know what happens next. I met plenty of girls who are always on their phones talking to their friends about the wedding, ditching work to meet vendors (leaving me with all the work), sitting their butts in the office all day (when they should be in lab) browsing for all things wedding on the internet. So starting today, I dub Wednesday as “No Wedding Wednesday“! So no browsing through the internet, no Pinterest-ing, no contacting to vendors, no talking to friends and family about wedding (unless they ask).

It sounds extreme but think about it. If you have a job I’m sure you’ve got days off where you’re not thinking about work. Working in Project Management, I do take my work home but I tell myself on Saturdays that I should not touch my work.

– Me, me, me – I don’t like that “me, me, me” mentality. It’s “all about me”. Maybe it’s only in America. But in other countries it’s not about the bride, it’s about celebrating with the people you love. This is also the fastest path to post-wedding depression.

– Tacky extravagance – enough said.

So anyways I thought about creating a wedding blog to help organize my thoughts on all things wedding without tainting my blog. I’ll probably post some wedding things on RAMT if I have anything substantial.

So bride-to-be’s or former brides have you created a wedding planning blog?

First post

So my name is Julie and I actually already have a blog called “Roads Are Made by Traveling” I’ve had that blog ever since I graduated from college as an outlet to write about adulthood and curate my life, food, and design in writing and photos. 

But then as of August 31, 2013 this happened:

1234845_10151821014791187_1312366579_n 1239631_10151821014441187_1401610337_n 2013-08-31 18.01.17

So then I thought, I love writing but I don’t love writing about wedding details on my RAMT blog. There have been so many blogs I followed and when they get engaged I stop following them because all they do is write about wedding, wedding, wedding. Without losing focus on my RAMT blog, I decided to create a separate blog (which is formerly my short-lived food blog) to help organize my thoughts on all things wedding prep and share all things wedding. 

Maybe it’s just me but writing about wedding color coordination just seems out of place on RAMT. Considering that I write almost everything on RAMT which is quick recipes, the downs of life, the ups of life, pictures of lots of food, book reviews, open letters to someone, personal finance, life observations, traveling, etc but yet I do find writing all things wedding planning and opinions about dresses and venues just doesn’t seem to fit in RAMT. 

Anyways happy wedding planning!